Small World


I can’t find the right words to say when I read my daughters’ message in my Cbox for the reason that I am not sure if I can go home in time of Christmas. Not certain, because the company policy states that an employee can avail his vacation entitlement or can go home for good (exit) based on the day he arrived from his last vacation.


My contract ends November of this year but since the nature of my contract is “unspecified“, I don’t have any other choice but to follow the rules.  Art. 72 of Saudi Labor Law states, “A labor contract concluded for a specified period shall terminate upon the expiry of its term. If both parties continue to enforce the contract thereafter, it shall be considered renewed for an unspecified period.”


Back to my daughters’ message, in order not to let her down I found the words “I will let you know” meaning no promises and no exact date. Kids nowadays are very sensitive, if you promised anything they would not forget it and you must fulfill that promise too.


Because her message is about exams at school, then I should have to say something about it. When I am about to mention her school I forgot the meaning of “E” from the acronym STEC. Then I started to search and got the meaning of STEC (Science and Technology Education Center). Huh!


But I found something more interesting in my search – a blog “Raising Boys” from a mother whose kids are currently studying in the same school my daughter was and possibly Dylan and Angel are classmates too.


I thought to myself – what a small world. Not only that! Her husband is one of my favorite links “Leon Kilat“. 


To:  Max and Marlen Limpag, nice meeting you-both in the world of Blogosphere. I’m sure we will be seeing each other in person very soon.