2nd OFW Summit

Recent informal discussions by some member organizations of the OFW Congress-Riyadh, Executive Council, arrived into a conclusion that a 2nd OFW Summit should be held in Saudi Arabia as soon as possible.


The next OFW Summit should tackle issues like a) Preparation of unforeseen war and 2) Creation of an OFW Data Base in the Kingdom that could facilitate immediate assistance to the OFWs should the need arises.


It is about time that the Filipino Community in the Kingdom should get together again and discuss some relevant issues and come up a solid recommendation that would give impact for the betterment of OFWs in the Kingdom.


The last OFW Summit was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in Year 2000 initiated by OFW Congress-Riyadh under then the leadership of OFWC-RUH President Mr. Alex Sanchez. The late former Senator Raul Roco was the Guest of Honor and the mentioned event was properly coordinated with the Philippine Embassy, POLO & OWWA.


The said summit was indeed a success though a number of recommendations up to now have not yet been given proper attention from the Government.


The recent Middle East Crisis between Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Israel should set as an example that the Filipino Community in the Kingdom must move and come up with a unified consensus on how to act in time of adversities like war.


OFW Summit is also the best venue to deal with topics concerning from 1) Pre-Employment, 2) Employment/Site and to 3) Post Employment/Reintegration of our OFWs.


Setting aside personal and political interest may perhaps give way towards Unity. 


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