New Saudi Labor & Workmen Law



Article 244:

This law shall supersede the Labor and Workmen Law promulgated by Royal Decree No.M/21, dated 6 Ramadan 1389 (15 November 1969) and shall repeal all provisions that are inconsistent with it. The rules and laws issued prior to the effective date hereof shall continue in effect until they are amended.

Article 245:

This law shall be published in the official gazette and shall enter into effect 180 days after the date of publication.

We convey our heartfelt gratitude to TRANSLATION SERVICES DIVISION, DHAHRAN, Saudi Aramco for their laudable effort in the translation of the New Saudi Labor Law to English language.

Also our thanks to my long time colleague and friend Mr. Francis Oca in providing me the copy of the above New Saudi Labor Law (English Translation) in PDF File, in which the undersigned converted it to a Word File for easy reference to all our fellow OFWs in the Kingdom. – Bong Amora 


59 thoughts on “New Saudi Labor & Workmen Law

  1. Sir,
    I just filed my resignation last Oct. 2, 2011 due to constant delay of salary. Before, I didn’t mind the delay for several days and weeks, but now it reached 4 months eventhough I follow up to them constantly but they will only give 1 month or sometimes food allowance only. I have read the artcle 81.7 of the Labor law and thinking will I still be liable to pay for the visa, ticket and processing since i will not finish my contract which is 2 yrs and I’m here for only 17months? Also, can i ask them to pay for my ticket since their negligence to pay the salary on time forced me to terminate the contract?

    Please give advise. Thanks


    • Paul,

      Since na nag resign ka, nasa kanila ang Alas na baraha. Puwede mo itong e-request in writing pero wala po tayong magagawa kung ayaw nila itong aprobahan. Visit your HR or the owner of the company, and ask for settlement on the issue, kung pagbabayarin ka nila, try to negotiate with them na babayaran mo sila in exchange sa 4 months unpaid salary at babayaran nila ang ticket mo pauwi.


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