WANTED: Mga Bagong Bayani



Bagong Bayani

Bagong Bayani

WANTED: Mga Bagong Bayani sa Amerika at iba pa!



We have had quite a few number of successful and prominent Filipino-Americans worthy of inclusion in this documentary. But we would like to hear from you, Fil-Ams who know our kababayans better than our database.

Please feel free to give us your best referral on who and why your referral(s) should occupy the pages of the Mga Bagong Bayani. We have 400 pages to fill for our modern day heroes coming from all over the globe.

If you have someone in mind, please provide us with information regarding his/her accomplishments while working or living abroad. If they have emails or contact telephone numbers, we shall be glad to contact and invite them to be featured in this once-in-a-lifetime worldwide documentary of Filipinos. We welcome non-Filipinos who have contributed to the cause of Filipino migration. This invitation is open to all ages, profession, religion, and nationalities.

Please email us at rsadiosa@yahoo.com or ricky_rue@yahoo.com.

Thank you for your help.

 Enrique R. Sadiosa

Pierre Tremblay

Mga Bagong Bayani


Dear Mr. Amora,

We are young Filipino publishers here in Hong Kong, and are currently completing our book about Filipino heroes around the world. We have been documenting various contributions in all walks of life regarding our kababayan for more than 5 years now to publish a documentary book dedicated to the young Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad. We thought of including you and your achievements while working overseas as well as those whom you think should be included in this book and are currently working there in Saudi Arabia.

Please visit our website regarding this project at www.mgabagongbayani.net . Please refer as many Filipino OFWs based in your country.

We hope you will find this project worthwhile for young Filipinos.


 Ricky R Sadiosa


Mga Bagong Bayani


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