Claim your right now!

Exercising the right to choose national candidates affirms their being Filipino at heart despite the distance, and connects them to their homeland’s fate as responsible citizens. This hard-fought right may soon be lost if the government-backed Cha-cha Express steamrolls its way through the moleskin of history, so please do claim your right now. – Susan Ople


Overseas Filipinos, please register as absentee voters!  


Announcement: Comelec extends OAV Registration up to 31 Oct. 2006. 

Figures from 1 Oct. 05 up to 14 Sept. 06

Per Area No. of Registrant
NAIA 39,975
POEA 34,523
Middle East & Africa 16,324
Americas 10,456
Asia Pacific 10,396
Europe 5,798
Total 117,472
Top Post No. of Registrant
Hongkong 4,730
Dubai 3,056
Riyadh 3,029
San Francisco 2,793
Abu Dhabi 2,028
Jeddah 2,017
Brunei 1,810
Al Khobar 1,593
Washington DC 1,518
Toronto 1,314

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