Hoping for the best

This is a story titled “The Long Wait” by Christopher George Cadhit.  

Father and SOn

Father and SOn

OFWs usually ends up deciding to come back working abroad after few months of staying back home. It is because for the reason that the money we earned abroad is not enough to sustain our family needs, without any other alternative source of income, jobless or we’re not successful in our attempt to put up business.

The story above relates the fact of the life of an OFW. Few of us are successful but most of us were not.

I will be leaving Saudi Arabia for good next year and I’m hoping for the best.



The Long Wait..

By Christopher George Cadhit

FOR 13 long years I waited for the moment. I was at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport with my mother and my sister, waiting for my father to arrive from the Middle East. I felt like I was 7 years old again, and my father was leaving for Saudi Arabia to work for the first time. I didn’t know exactly what that meant, but being young, I thought it was all about chocolates, toys, imported shoes and lots of US dollars. But it also meant not having a father during those important years of my life.

While most kids in school bragged about their fathers who were doctors, lawyers or engineers, I would stammer and reply whenever I was asked, “My father is…a…an overseas contract worker.” A sense of inferiority went with that confession, and it was not because my father was an OFW but the fact that he was never around during the years that I was growing up.

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About the Author: Christopher George Cadhit, 27, works as a Research Analyst in a private corporation and is taking his MBA at the De La Salle University. He plays the violin and sings at weddings.

Disclaimer: I searched the net to find out whether this has been posted in a magazine, a column in a newspaper or in any media. Fortunately, there was none yet. Just to make it clear, this material belongs to the above-mentioned author and not to the owner of this blog ofwempowerment and myepinoy’s blog where you can read the full story.

If in case, this material has a copyright or someone holds the copyright, please let me know. I will gladly take this out from here. I do not have any intention whatsover to infringe on anyones’ intellectual rights.   *** BongA


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