Cha cha cha, not now

Recent news item taken from E-Balita quoted Rep. Jose De Venecia, one of the active proponents for Charter Change said “parliamentary seats should be granted to overseas Filipino workers if the proposal to change to a parliamentary form of government succeeds”. Further, he said that “the party-list under this system would be allied with the regular  political parties in a coalition”.


Is this a new dance tune from pro-Chacha to win the hearts of Overseas Filipinos to support Constitutional Change?


I am not against CHACHA if this is the only way to reform our country’s political system. But I think it is not the right time yet to embrace such changes where the nation’s political scenarios is in question due to some unanswered allegations of vote fraud and the government legitimacy to govern the Filipino people. 


We also knew that changing the constitution could possibly scrap the present Overseas Absentee Voting Law; and under a new form of government an enabling law is necessary for absentee voters to participate the electoral process. It could also mean that under parliamentary system of Government, a new OAV law could possibly deny the right of representation of our own choice.


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