Global Filipinos on Charter Change

I agree with Mr. Vic Barrios, head of the San Francisco-based Global Filipinos Coalition that the interests of overseas Filipinos would be best served if our representatives were free of the constraints of the ruling party’s agenda.


These were his comment on Rep.  Jose de Venecia’s offer of representation to overseas Filipino workers in a parliamentary government. Though, GF believed that overseas Filipinos should be entitled to direct proportional representation in the legislature.


Global Filipinos in the past few months had been in constant dialogue among global Filipinos on the impact and the merits of Charter Change. Mr. Vic Barrios in one of our email exchanges said that, “Global Filipinos do not have an official position concerning charter change. We are neither for nor against. We are only for the Motherland and for equality for all Filipinos, especially equal rights for global Filipinos”.


A copy of the Global Forum Mission Report dated June 28 to July 6, 2006, the following mission conclusions were included in Charter Change issue:


a)     Notwithstanding the uncertainty over the future of charter change, there is need to continue the momentum in advocating for the charter rights of global Filipinos.

b)    The majority of Filipinos favor charter change, although there is diversity of views on the mode for effecting change, in addition to the fundamental core issues of the form and structure of government.

c)     It seems that it is only a question of time when charter change will take place.

d)     When charter change finally takes place, it is necessary for public opinion to be clearly in favor of the charter rights of global Filipinos.

e) Hence, there is great merit in focusing on consensus building in the midst of uncertainly over imminent charter change.



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