Congrats! BC-J

Happy indeed receiving an email reply from a respected community leader, a friend and a mentor way back when I was Jeddah, especially knowing how Boholano Community in Jeddah (BC-J) is moving on their continuing endeavors.


I am so proud being one of the early batches of members of this organization. Maybe I am not physically involve in their noble undertakings for now, but my heart still belongs to BC-J.    


Looking forward for a successful “Al Boholano Gatherings” in Jeddah.



It’s nice to hear you once again. In behalf of BCJ under the present stewardship of Mr. Red Bual and being the BCJ Projects coordinator, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the coming All Boholano Gathering which will be held this coming Friday 6 Oct 2006 in Jeddah. This gathering is intended for three purposes.


One, to unite and meet once and for all Boholanos in Jeddah and neighboring towns and cities.


Second, over the  last three years BCJ, in cooperation with ABS-CBN Foundation (AFI), has been supporting for quality education for the school children in Bohol. The BCJ wants to say thank you for all the supports.


Third, the BCJ leadership is pursuing the mission and vision of the organization; the socio-economic reintegration of all BCJ members and non-members who want to join the program. During this gathering the BCJ Ventures (a new investment outfit of BCJ) will be formally launched. It is a cooperative form of business venture that plans to establish next year in Tagbilaran. For more details, you can contact me thru my address. Thanks.

Best regards,

Emman Bernaldez


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