Rafael E. Seguis Leadership Award

There are many award giving bodies or private organizations overseas that recognizes commendable groups or individuals who have dedicated their work in the service of the Filipino people. Individuals or leaders of community initiatives that promote the common good, advocates for the promotion and protection of the rights of others as well as lending a hand to those in needs in their community and at home.

In Saudi Arabia, there are also many deserving Filipino community groups worthy to be recognized, to name a few like the Boholano Community in Jeddah, Overseas Filipino Workers Cooperative Council-Jeddah, Gawad Kalinga-KSA, and the newly organized Filipinos Worldwide for Progressive Philippines (Filipinos for Better Philippines-FFBP) and many more. 

Just recently the United Surigaonon Association in the Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia (USA-EPSA) launched the Rafael E. Seguis Leadership Award, or RESLA. The recipient of the honor will be given to a Surigaonon whose leadership contribution helped improve the lives of others. The award is named after Rafael E. Seguis, a Surigaonon himself, and a former Ambassador in the Kingdom and now Undersecretary of the Dept. of Foreign Affairs.

RESLA is a good idea promoting regionalized concept in recognizing others for their selfless objective and dedication for the betterment of their respective community.

How about Pres. Carlos P. Garcia Leadership award for Boholanos?, Pres. Diosdado Macapagal for Capampangans?. Pres. Sergio Osmena, Sr. for the Cebuanos?, Etc. etc.  


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