IT group in Davao

A group of  IT enthusiasts composed of an ICT professionals like Jason Banico, the guy behind Funchain, an ex-OFW from Saudi Arabia and a friend of mine Mr. Bert Barriga, so with my idol blogger, political activist Davao City Councilor Peter Lavina and others, had just recently formed an umbrella organization focusing  information and communications technology that intends to foster tri-partite collaboration between government, academe and industry.



This moved will help Davao community-based organizations develop online information in the public interest to facilitate the broad use of information technology to benefit the community.

Launched last October 6, the founding organizations are the Philippine Society of IT Educators (PSITE-Region XI), Council of Deans in I.T. Education (CDITE-Region XI), Association of Computer Businesses in Mindanao (ACBM), DabaWegnu, Association of Solution Integrators in Davao, Inc (ASID), Internet Cafe’ Association of Davao, Inc. (ICAD), Technical Expert for Computer Hardware & Software Support, Inc (TechSupport) and MIS-Corporate.

Congrats to all Davaoenos! Good Luck  Sir Pete, Jason and Bert. Mabuhay Kayo! 


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