The Firm

I read interesting news item today in the Philippine Daily Inquirer titled “The Firm“. It is all about how Justice Antonio Carpio voted for a NO in the Charter Change issue.


Contrary to the famous novel by John Grisham  “The Firm”  in which the book shows that deception is everywhere, including the legal system, Justice Carpio on the other hand expresses his action that legal system in our country still works.  Being a Presidential appointee and having professional attachment with the Arroyo’s with his previous Law Firm does not hinder his belief in search for justice.  



Speaking of Law Firms, there are many Law Firms in our country that can produce good Judges and Justices in the future, to name a few like: a) Romulo, Mabanta, Buenaventura, Sayoc & De Los Angeles, b) Tanjuatco, Oreta, Factoran and Berenguer; and Oreta, Suarez and Narvasa c) Chan, Robles   d) Jaromay, Laurente, Pamaos  e) Mamangun & Juco f) Sycip, Salazar, Hernandez, Gatmaitan Law Firm and many more in the provinces.


Though abovementioned law firms are prominent and long time practicing lawyers in the Philippines, I added in the list new law offices of young energetic lawyers. 


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