Invitation to Join

Do you have ideas about how to empower OFWs economically and politically?


Then you are invited to join OFW Empowerment ForumEmpowering Overseas Filipinos through Economic and Political Means”.


Our online discussion board offers you a chance to share with others your thoughts and insights into the complex and sometimes controversial issues facing Overseas Filipinos.


OFW Empowerment Forum will provide the means for Overseas Filipino Workers/Migrant Filipinos to connect to others, sharing concerns and opinions on general and specific subjects and issues, getting information and making decisions.


OFW Empowerment Forum is a meeting place where members exchange ideas, present issues with corresponding goals and objectives and action plans to address specific issues and concerns that affect OFWs/Migrant Filipinos and their families’ home and abroad.


The forum atmosphere is intended to be relaxed to motivate maximum participation yet respect and propriety is in place. There are moderators in this forum to maintain  objectivity in the discussions. Therefore as mature individuals, we should respect each other’s opinions as fundamental values of any communications.  


Members and Guests can work together on a certain topic that will provide avenue towards empowering Overseas Filipinos through “Economic and Political means”. Trust and teamwork is very essential to strengthened and achieve its goal in which unity may finally find its way.


In time, it is hoped, that OFW Empowerment Forum will evolve into a mature and responsible forum, which will deal with not only social and political issues but pursue economic initiatives as well.




Strive for cooperation & teamwork among members, with a commitment to responsibly share information & resources whenever feasible.


Form a camaraderie among its members to achieve one solid voice to its  advocacies the forum may decide into as a result of its unified decision on a particular discussion.


Foster the development of a partnership reflective of the Overseas Filipino community by keeping the membership open to any interested Overseas Filipinos  around the globe while embracing the diversity that each member brings to the  partnership.




1)  Promote brotherhood & mutual cooperation among Overseas Filipinos;

2) Collaborate with the government in realizing the protection & welfare of the OFWs and their beneficiaries.  As such, OFW Empowerment Forum:


a) Help protect the dignity & integrity of Overseas Filipinos; defend their constitutional & human rights;

b)    Promote & support OFW investments & reintegration programs;

c)    Support the promotion of global environment protection & eco-tourism programs of government & non-government organizations;

d)     Form a cohesive structure that will be a guiding foundation towards OFW Empowerment.  


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