Will Keep In Touch

Last Thursday, I have had the guts to talk and submit to the company’s Managing Director my letter not to renew my contract that will end on the 24th of this month.  Though the internal company policy states that employees can take a leave or terminate his contract based on the day he arrived from his last vacation. In addition, those who wish to terminate his employment should inform the management advance notice for 6 months prior to his final departure. The employer therefore, has at least 6 months time to look for replacement. Don’t have other choice but to follow the rules.  


My decision to be home for good is not because I am ready to face the challenges at home. Frankly, I am not yet financially stable and in fact for 12 years of working in KSA I had just started 4 years ago my own personal reintegration plan, not to mention the financial obligations like housing loan and other payables that needs to be settled.


We have to admit that this is OFW life, most especially to those OFWs like me who earn a little compared to those lucky OFWs with high paying jobs. 


My co-employees who had just arrived from vacation advised me to reconsider my decision “mahirap daw ang buhay sa atin”. However, my priority at the moment is to be with my loved ones. 



But it doesn’t mean that this blog will go for a halt, No! It is not. Wherever I am and whatever God’s plan for me, this blog will always be in touch.   


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