Abused of the Internet

One of the many reasons why I didn’t pack yet the PC intended for my daughter is because I am afraid that in my absence this tool could influence my child in the negative side of the Internet World.  


Pornograpic materials can be easily seen in the computer screen with the click of a mouse. Chat rooms nowadays are not safe for our children and even to adults. People in the other side of your screen could not be trusted as it is easy to use bogus names and email addresses in the net. Sometimes people in the chatrooms are not there for a mere simple decent talk but looking innocent victims that could satisfy their unworldly deeds.



The founder of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee has voiced concern over increasing abuse of the Internet


Sir Tim Berners-Lee


I agree with him that education is a key requirement to this concerns, to guide us and understand its implications. 


Perhaps it is about time that our  Government particularly the DECS to include “Web Science” in our school curriculum as part of the awareness in the proper use of Information Technology. Though, parents must be the first one to look after our kids and see to it that the use of this powerful tool is only for our children’s academic achievement.   


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