FDH: Restrictive Policy



According to recruiters, exporting Filipina Domestic Helpers in Middle Eastern countries with the new restrictive policy of USD 400.00 minimum wage a month will surely lessen the dollar remittances to our country’s coffer.

For me, as long as the Government will implement the said policy with strict monitoring authority and see to it those recruitment agencies comply with the rules, then who cares if we lost billions of dollars annually in remittances in exchange for their welfare and protection.

Maltreatment and Abuse (Indonesian maid)

Maltreatment and Abuse (Indonesian maid)

Many runaway maids and those employed in boutiques are minors below 18 years of age and with the help of faked documentations obtained from crocodiles in our country (particularly in Recto), they were able to work abroad as maids and beauticians. Without any experience and don’t know nothing about household chores, etc., they end up beatin and maltreated by their employers.     

With the said policy it may perhaps minimize abused to our FDH by their foreign employers and so with the unscrupulous recruiters asking excessive fees to our less fortunate domestic workers.

I am certain though that not all Arab employers will hire FDH with that wage policy requirement. Thus would lessen the complaints and run away maids in the Kingdom.

Recruiters claim that it could result for illegal means of deployment like disguising them as “tourists” with the aid of “escort syndicates” in the airports. What’s new then?  These crooked individuals in the airport are there “with or without” the said policy.  

It is only on a matter of how serious our Government and the authority to clean this mess once and for all.

The new policy will allow OFW deployment under strict conditions, among them:

1) A minimum salary of $400

2) No imposition of placement fees on the worker by recruitment agencies

3)Issuance of a certificate of competency by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority to the prospective OFW and the completion of the pre-departure orientation by the OFW

4) Conduct of a seminar on country-specific language and culture for OFWs

5) Strict contract verification and employers’ pre-qualification procedures

Philippine has been tagged as “worlds capital of domestic workers”. Maybe this time it would be “worlds capital of certified maids“.

I am looking forward that the official list of the above policy includes the minimum age requirement of 21 to 25 years old, or else “total ban of deployment“ in countries susceptible to abuse and maltreatment to our FDH is still the best solution to this problem. ### BongA


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