We Welcome You Sir!

I was invited last November 6, Monday afternoon at Riyadh Palace Hotel for a coffee talk among Filipino community leaders in Riyadh with DFA Undersecretary Rafael Seguis.


Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the said meeting but for sure the unannounced visit has something to do with the long awaited presence of the new Philippine Ambassador in the Kingdom.


Ambassador Villamor (2nd from Left)

with Bioux Manilum, Bong A., & Alex Veloso Bello


The Commission on Appointment already confirmed the appointment of Ambassador Antonio Villamor as the new Philippine envoy to Saudi Arabia. 


I am certain that both countries had informally discussed the appointment prior to his formal recognition. However, as a diplomatic practice a Letter of  Credence or submission of credentials should be presented  to King Abdullah for acceptance.


As an Ambassador in the Kingdom is not an easy job, other than trade negotiation and strengthening economic ties between both countries, there are lot of burdens and a point of decision an envoy to make when it comes to the welfare of OFWs in the Kingdom.


Again, WE WELCOME You Sir! And You can count our support. See you soon in Riyadh.      


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