OFWs in the Kingdom can afford to buy latest models of Cell Phones especially with those equipped with cameras and CPs compliant with Bluetooth device.

 But are you aware that receiving obscene images and storing it in your CP Inbox folder could put you into trouble?

camera-phone Watch Out! Any person caught having obscene pictures stored in cell phones is a  violation of the Islamic religious strict standards of social behavior or immorality in Saudi Arabia.

 Violators will be charged with prostitution and aside from a jail term, flogging with a cane is the stiffer punishment for such offense. 

 Taking pictures using Digital Cams or cell phones in government owned buildings, religious places or even public places particularly in presence of women are strictly prohibited.

 Other devices such as Digital Cameras and MP4 Digital Audio Player where it can store undesirable photos are closely being monitored by Saudi authorities. Moreover, they are also keeping an eye on Photo Developing Centers looking for offenders. Photos of men and women in an embarrassing scene like hugging and kissing are at risk and subject for investigation.

 So if you don’t want to get into trouble, please do not violate such laws. If you have Bluetooth device in your CP, all you have to do is to set it to inactive option. Be aware of what your friend is going to send and advise others to delete images that are immoral to public eyes.

More importantly, let us obey the strict laws of the Kingdom and respect the culture and traditions of the host country.

Government Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) for departing OFWs bound to KSA should include awareness about Why Cell Phones could put an OFW in big trouble.  – BongA

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