It’s About Time

In my previous entry “Unity – Why Not Give a Try?”, a total of 20 respondents voted for YES, 1 vote each for NO and Maybe, while zero for No Need.


Today 20 of November, the results for the poll titled “Does OFWs needs a National Leadership under One United Voice?”  Got the following figures:


Yes: 69

No: 1

Maybe: 1

No Need: 13


For a total of 84 votes, YES garnered 82%, an overwhelming votes that means, “it’s about time“.


Mission and Vision- OFWs sa Gitnang Silangan 


Today, we face the consequences of the failures, negligence by the government, mispriorities and shortsightedness of past administrations. The people, especially the Overseas Workers who sweat their face in this barren land and the poor majority, are reeling from economic hardships, peso devaluation, unemployment, energy and social services crises, continuing social conflicts, and rampant graft and corruption in government.


Though we failed during the may 2004 election still The OVERSEAS FILIPINOS POLITICAL Party (Overseas Filipinos/Land Based/ Seafarers) will not stand by idly to witness the further deterioration of the social conditions of the majority in our society. It is our duty to present to our people a government and political leadership that they deserve. This is our foremost commitment to our people - the OFWs that we bring forth a government committed to freedom and democracy and to the improvement of the quality of life of all Filipinos, especially the unsung heroes of today, the poor and disadvantaged.


Read More Vision and Mission.  


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