Filipino Household Service Workers

FHSW going to their destinations

FHSW going to their destinations

The Phil. Overseas Employment Administration introduced new areas of reforms in recruiting and deployment of Filipino Domestic Workers. Be noted that our Filipina Domestic Helpers has its new name  – HSW ( Filipino Household Service Workers ).


Areas of Reforms are as follows:

 1. Pre-qualification of Foreign Placement Agencies. The POLO shall issue a PQ certificate

2. Verification of additional Job Orders for HSW and low/semiskilled female workers and their individual employment contracts

3. Pre-qualification of the Applicant HSW

4. Minimum age requirement of 25 years old

5. Increase in Salary – Increase to US$400 as the entry level or the minimum monthly salary

6. Exemption from the POEA placement fee policy – No placement fee in any form including salary deduction

7. No License Issuance for Applicants with HSWs as New Market

* moratorium in the issuance of new POEA license for applicants using DH as its new market.

For your background reference, below are Top Ten Destinations of Filipino Household Service Workers for the Year 2005 with corresponding monthly salary.  

1 CYPRUS 982 US $ 325.00
2 HONG KONG 17,514 HK $ 3,400.00
3 SINGAPORE 2,429 S $ 350.00
4 JORDAN 2,748 US $ 150 TO 200
5 LEBANON 11,735 US $ 150 TO 200
6 KUWAIT 19,707 US $ 150 TO 200
7 KSA 9,227 US $ 150 TO 200
8 UAE 9,113 US $ 200
9 QATAR 4,998 US $ 200
10 OMAN 1,419 US $ 200 TO 300
11 TAIWAN No Figures NT $ 185,840

 Taken from Center for Migrant Advocacy. Here to read more..

Objectives of the Reforms: To ensure that only qualified, adequately protected and properly documented household service workers are deployed to pre-qualified foreign placement agencies and employers.


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