You made my day complete

In Saudi Arabia, Saturday is the first working day of the week and I hate Saturday’s because it is the busiest day of the week too. Exhausted with all work done, I am glad that there was still time for the day to browse and read entries from my favorite links. Here are some entries worth reading today.


Without Borders “Global Warming creates uncertainties for the Philippine Economy” a piece about how are we prepared for the new reality fostered by global warming.


Atty. At Work “Congratulations, Chief Justice Reynato Puno“,  the acceptance speech of Chief Justice Puno on his appointment. Excerpt of the statement provided below and I hope he mean it.


I accept the appointment with a clear awareness of the defining role of the judiciary as our people confront turning points after turning points in life. The Judiciary may not have the power of the sword, may not have the power of the purse, but it has the power to interpret the Constitution, and the unerring lessons of history tell us that rightly wielded, that power can make a difference for good“.


I also have the chance to glance “Tinalikuran na ba ng mga OFWs ang OAV“? this month entry of my friend’s blog “Ka Ambo” and it touches the coldness of our fellow OFWs based on the low turn out of OAV registrants in the last Overseas Absentee Voters registration.


And lastly, I wear a smile reading the “balak” or “poem”  titled “Ngadto sa Tikasan nakong Textmate” by Michael Obenieta.  A Bisayan poem about a date with a textmate.


All of them, made my day complete.    


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