One Year Ago

13 12 2006

One year ago, 13 December 2005, I made my first blog post “Tax Exemption a Token Gift“.

It all started when I read “Nasipit to Anywhere” a blog authored by my townmate who is a lawyer, writing current events direct from our beloved hometown Nasipit (Agusan, Del Norte). Actually at that time I’ve been reading blogs already particularly from famous blogger politician Peter Lavina.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary

Happy 1 Year Anniversary

Blogging under blog name “OFW Empowerment” with the abovementioned first entry using widely known template followed by “OFW Representation“. Despite busy hours of my job, I have done my homework at home and it became a hobby. And as an active member of the Filipino community in Riyadh, I was determined to write about OFWs issues and concerns mixed up a little bit with politics.

In late April of 2006 it occurred to me that I was doing it anyway, why not continue doing it. Then I shifted to Funchain an easy to use blogger guide created by fellow Filipino an IT expert from Davao Mr. Jason Banico.

OFWs the Best Political Electorate” that was published online at Inquirer 7 supplement under Network Highlights INQ7 @ 5 was one of my first entries using Funchain. The said entry was based and inspired from my previous posting “OFW Representation”.     

I immediately was on the receiving end of encouragement from colleauges in the Industrial areas-Riyadh, and so with my readers like Davao City Councilor Peter Lavina, Atty. Loloy Compendio and Atty. Fred Pamaos– all fellow bloggers. Then the traffic started climbing and the rest is history.

And of course I want to thank all of the readers and commenters in here. To my wife Minda and daughter Angel. Also, to my brod Doods and dear friend Ms. Ellene Sana of  CMA – Thank you so much! 

I know I’m not everybody’s cup of tea for the fact that I am neither a journalist nor a writer, but for one thing, it’s self-deserving and this blog is dedicated to all Overseas Filipinos.

Happy Anniversary To OFWEmpowerment blog!


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