Progressive Year for Overseas Filipinos

A Prosperous New Year 2007  to everyone!


We celebrated our New Year in a very solemn way. I watched the live new year telecast of the TFC TV Patrol when my roommates called me for us to start our little celebration. We are all in a mixed emotion when we saw the spaghetti, lumpiang shanghai, fried shrimps and chicken in the table. Happy because in our own little way we were able to gave spirit in welcoming the New Year. On the other hand we were sad because our family are not with us.


As usual I open the midnight dinner table with a thanksgiving prayer for all – the blessings our Lord God provided to us for the year 2006 and a wish to have a prosperous and progressive new days ahead of us. Despite from freezing nights in KSA these days we were able to put a smile in our lips with our eyes focus on the TV set when the fireworks begun with a thought how happy Filipinos are and our families at home.


Well.. every New Year brings new hope, love and prosperity to all mankind.


To Overseas Filipinos, the Year 2007 “the World According to Julie” is hoping for the best and a productive one.


Hoping too that in 2007, our Overseas Filipino Youths can contribute whatever they can share to help shape our country move forward towards progress. And by empowering themselves through political and economic means is very essential in nation building and it is about time to know who they really are.  


OFY who are born outside the Philippine soil are still Pinoys sa Salita, Diwa at Gawa. Though, if they don’t have S-D-G because they belong to second and third generation of Filipinos Overseas then perhaps they should search of their Filipino selves or apply at TOS on line.


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