Promises should not be made to be broken

I received two calls today and a few email messages from Filipino community in Riyadh about the presence of the new Philippine Ambassador in the Kingdom.  They inquire if I receive any invitation from the good Ambassador to have an audience with the community.


So far as of today we haven’t received any or maybe I am not one of those invited – if there is any.


Perhaps the good Ambassador Antonio Villamor is still in the process of getting acquainted with the job. As we all knew that he just arrived last December to assume his post.


Let us be patient, I knew he is a kind of person that keeps his promises. If you haven’t read it, excerpts of the things he is going to fulfill:


“I will take a more direct hand in attending to these OFWs,” he said, adding that such a practice will make sure the embassy staff will be working “because the boss is watching and so they themselves will feel good.” – Arab News (Oct. 23, 2006).


Speaking to The Saudi Gazette at that time, the new envoy said he would personally initiate programs that would protect the interest of OFWs and make regular visits to Filipino workers’ camps and worksites to hear problem. He said he would set up an active networking with OFWs in the Kingdom. – Saudi Gazzette (Dec. 25, 2006).


After all, Ambassador Villamor is not a politician; therefore “promises should not be made to be broken“.


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