Transnational Philanthropy

The number one trait a pure Filipino have is hospitality. Hospitality in a sense that there is KINDNESS in every heart of a Filipino.  

Many Overseas Filipino Migrants and OFWs give something back to the place where they were first molded as a responsible human being.  Some of them shared their blessings in their place of origin.  Filipino groups or individuals overseas are actively involved in humanitarian causes or development projects in their hometown.

According to expert that studied the effect of Filipino migration says that this kind of humanitarian gesture is called Transnational Philanthropy or Filipino Diaspora Philanthropy.  

Transnational Philanthropy operationally define as the process in which migrants or immigrants abroad, in forging and sustaining their social relations with their origin societies, allocate a certain portion of their remittances to fund development projects.- The Dynamics of Transnational Philanthropy by Jeremaiah Opiniano.

Economic Resource Center for Overseas Filipinos corroborated above that says “The giving or donation of funds, equipment, skills and technology, through various means and channels, by Filipino groups or individuals overseas to humanitarian causes or development projects in the Philippines has evolved into the all-encompassing term now known as Diaspora Philanthropy”.

Anda, Bohol

Anda, Bohol

Speaking of Philanthropy, AndaBohol.Org Scholarship Program initiated by group of Andahanons in Bohol who already migrated to other countries side by side with OFWs in that area build a community that would help sustain the needs of their less fortunate constituents in going to school for their better future.

Another town in Northern Mindanao, Migrant Filipinos of Nasipit Agusan Del Norte through their web site  also shared the part of their  blessings  back home, especially in the barrios.

Nasipit, Agusan Del Norte

Nasipit, Agusan Del Norte

“Adopt a Schoool Kid Program”, was initiated by Nasipitnons residing in United States.  The concept of the program is to provide the school kids in the remote Barangays  especially the less fortunate and deserving kids with their school supplies and needs. A gesture that help motivates kids to attend school and obtain a good education and better prepare them to be a good citizen in our society.

Linking to the place where we once belong using the resources and power of information technology is a praiseworthy move of those kind hearted people. Even in the absence of physical aspects and without faces, the heart of a kind person truly speaks and Filipino Diaspora Philanthropy will continue to live on.

Special Thanks to all Andahanons around the globe and the energetic members of the AndaBohol.Org Scholarship Program Adhoc  Committee on ScholarshipRio Makinano, Leo Makinano Lumacang, Kim Lim-Adams and Margie Amora Mills.

 Also, Special Thanks to all Overseas Nasipitnon and to those especially behind the scene;   Minda B. Rosales, Belen Lindo Ablis and Alex Eroy. 


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