Senate Seat for OF

Sen. Pimentel with FilCom in USA

Sen. Pimentel with FilCom in USA

I heard that Sen. Aquilino Pimentel (the champion for the cause of Overseas Filipinos) currently visible in gatherings and meetings of Migrant Filipinos and OFW leaders based in Manila. Though it is not clear that he is going to tap a possible senatorial candidate that would represent the 8 million overseas Filipinos but I can sense that he is actively involve for it to happen. 

Huh! I just can’t forget him holding the microphone while GMA takes her oath of office during EDSA 2.

Anyway, I remember in Year 2003 Sen. Nene Pimentel supported a certain Roberto  Reyes an Overseas Filipino based in U.S. to run in Philippine Senatorial race. 

Now, an Overseas Filipino also based in U.S. by the name of Ted Aquino is vying for a seat in the Senate. As of this writing I haven’t heard anything from Sen. Pimentel yet. – BongA


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