Take Note (Running as Independent)

Magandang Gabi Bayan

Magandang Gabi Bayan

Running as independent risks almost certain defeat in the history of independent  candidates for lack of a grassroots organization. Even the venerable Lorenzo Tanada, with his tiny Citizens’ Party, had to be a guest candidate of a major political party to be reelected twice as senator. – Jose “Pepe” Abueva

What the candidate needs to do is to found and lead a new political party, drawing on the talents and enthusiasm of the Overseas Filipino community.  Only in this way the sacrifices can be shared and the front broadened. –joopthedutchman@yahoo.com

Even when my senatorial candidacy was being trumpeted in 2003, some of my friends in the homeland said that I should have done my homework and did some projects to show the voters proof of what my campaign platform talked about. –  Roberto “Bobby” Reyes

To Bobby Reyes: We are not forgetting that you were going to run for the Senate if our favorite Senator, Nene Pimentel, ran for the Presidency. Well, it did not happen. And now here is Ted Aquino who has done what you were thinking of doing. – Prof. Cesar Torres ( U.P. Professor now in U.S.)

While we would like to participate in governance, the Partido Pangdaigdigang Pilipino (PPP) has not yet taken off the ground. We were not actually eyeing it for the coming elections but rather beyond 2007. We would like to have it as a work in progress until it is ripe to stand and act. –  Jun S. Aguilar (The Filipino Migrant Workers Group) 


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