Sacrificial Lamb

Sacrificial Lamb

Sacrificial Lamb

In the Overseas Filipino community, many dubbed him as a “sacrificial lamb” for the 8 million Filipinos overseas when he decided to file his candidacy in the Philippine senatorial race. I am referring to Engr. Theodore Bradford Macabulos Aquino, “Ka Ted” to his Filipino colleagues in San Francisco. He is a Civil Engineer and incumbent President of UP Alumni America.

Ted Aquino

Ted Aquino

Giving the chance to run under the existing Dual Citizenship Law, Ka Ted said, “He wanted to test the principles of the Dual Citizenship Law”.

However, others commented that his chances of winning is extremely slim considering the fact that Philippine Politics is predominantly occupied by the “trapos” and “the rich”. The lack of political machinery in the grassroots level for a “political babe” like Ka Ted could eventually contribute for his electoral defeat.

Even the so-called “jologs” prefer to vote those they considered “a candidate for the masses” and the “bakya crowd” favor media and showbiz personalities.  Not to mention that Ka Ted is faceless at home, he could also be declared a nuisance candidate on the basis of not having the capacity to campaign nationwide.

Though some quarters said if we would not do it today, WHEN? Our 8 million Overseas Filipinos need to be represented in our Government. A servant among the overseas Filipinos that may craft up policies and laws responsive to the needs of our Overseas Filipino Workers.

Former U.P. Professor Ceasar Torres now based in U.S., in his reply to my inquiry posted at PPP e-group asking “if Ka Ted truly represents the Global Filipinos”, he said, “Ted Aquino represents “all” of us, not just Mr. Victor Barrios and Lito Gutierrez of “Global Filipinos” (a non political group based in U.S.). He added that “When Ted talks about Global Filipinos, that means all of us, in the Middle East, not just in America, including the estimated 200,000 TNT or undocumented aliens“. 

My question is – Does the estimated 500,000 OAV registrants and their dependents at home, the “jologs” and the “bakya crowd” are aware that a “lamb” belong to 8 Million Overseas Filipinos that helps Philippine economy afloat is here willing to serve the country and its people?

If we believe that there is a need of a “sacrificial lamb” within our midst to achieve our long awaited dream for political empowerment – then the answer lies within us. Otherwise we may end up the same fate and we cannot afford anymore failures this time. If we loss in this battle therefore, it is about time that an overseas Filipino political party should emerge, stand and act in the coming years. Hoping that when time comes it would be a triumph for all of us.  – BongA


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