Improvement at BK-Riyadh

Our energetic Phil. Labor Attache in Riyadh Resty Dela Fuente is back on track to his original post from last year’s busy schedules serving the OFW community in Lebanon war and Kazakhstan riot. Now I heard that the handsome, humble and smart Labor Attache is planning to focus one-on-one discussions with community leaders in Riyadh.

 Establishing connections with Filipino community leaders is a move that could enhance good relationships between the community and the Philippine Mission abroad. It does not only promote harmony; it is also an avenue towards identifying the exact needs en route for a concrete action beneficial to all concerns.

 The good Labor Attache De La Fuente had started programs to improve the services of our Philippine Labor Office in Riyadh. Presently, he is concentrating that the needs of our run away maids at Bahay Kalinga are taken care of and see to it that they comply with the rules of BK and the strict guidelines of the Kingdom for distressed OFWs, which are under their protection.

Labor Attache Resty Dela Fuente with FilCom leaders in Riyadh

Labor Attache Resty Dela Fuente with FilCom leaders in Riyadh

In an email coming from the good Labor Attache, he inform us the following improvements and reforms he started at Bahay Kalinga:

 a) Enhanced relations with Saudi Welfare Administration (SWA) and new policies at BK resulting in faster resolution of cases have reduced number of transients to records low of 50-60 this month. My target is to maintain the average at 50 only, the observably achievable level in this post at current state of things;

 b) Definitely, there has never been any food shortage for BK residents since I increased the budget for food to as much as 35% weekly beginning last week of July 2006. The usual donations of good BK supporters remain a factor;

 c) And, as we announced during our consultation series in November, the suspension of the BK waiver system for household workers was one of my first official acts when I took over the supervision of POLO. Waiver may only be sparingly allowed in case of skilled female workers housed at BK, subject to close monitoring and observance of the rules of POLO and the Kingdom.

He added that; slowly we will focus on improving BK physical facilities beginning this quarter and he welcome recommendations from the community in the enhancement of POLO operations in Riyadh.

Kudos! To Labor Attache Resty. We support your programs all the way.


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