Philippine Embassy Advisory



Memorandum Circular


To      :  All Accredited Filipino Community Partners

From    :  Antonio P. Villamor (Ambassador)

Subject :  Personal Filling Up of Entries of Data

           in the Registry of Prefessionals


Date    :  12 February 2007


We wish to inform you that the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh has received a Letter from Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Chairperson Leonor T. Rosero dated 29 January 2007 informing the Embassy of Resolution No. 2006-313, Series of 2006, Resolution Amending Item No. 1, Paragraph 3 of Commission Resolution No. 2004-235, Series of 2004, regarding the Personal Filling Up of Entries of Data in Registry of Professionals.


In view of this, the Embassy is requesting all Filipinos in the Kingdom who have passed and left for abroad immediately after the examinations, to register their names at the PRC Registry of Professionals as provided for under the resolution.


For your information and appropriate action.


Click Link: Res. # 2006-313, Series of 2006 (in PDF File)



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