Help bring Justice

justiceFilipinos working overseas are commonly described as trustworthy, reliable, dedicated and hardworking.  In Middle East particularly Saudi Arabia we are considered as model expatriates compared to other nationalities. It is not only because of that acquired Filipino values we have, but in general we are friendly and respectful. However, a friend of mine commented that “pag apakan mo ang Pinoy hindi ka uurungan”, it means we need respect from others with the same respect we extended to them.

Isang Bala Ka Lang

Isang Bala Ka Lang

Yet, in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries we cannot expect others to respect us the way we expect it to be.  In this country we are visitors of a foreign land where customs, religion and traditions are very different from ours. At pag galit ka “Wala dito ang tinatawag na isang bala ka lang” sa Pilipinas lang yon. Here in this country we need to be humble with ourselves and be careful of what we say or do.

But it doesn’t mean that we should not defend our rights if unexpected worst things had happened.

We are calling the attention of our beloved Excellency Ambassador Antonio Villamor to investigate the alleged mauling incident of an overseas Filipino worker who was “allegedly mauled by an undetermined number of Arabs” earlier this month. He was found unconscious with a cracked skulls and remain in coma at the hospital as of this writing.

I personally appeal to DFA Undersecretary Rafael Seguis and the good Ambassador Villamor to look and investigate this case accordingly and bring justice to our fellow OFW in Riyadh.

We are waiting for the official Police report of this incident and we’ve been following this case till justice may serve to the victim. – BongA


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