HUH – Watch for It!

Yesterday, Friday a non-working day in the Kingdom, I woke up 2 hours earlier of my usual time to get up in bed. The reason was I had a one-hour phone chat with anonymous concerned fellow OFW in Riyadh.


He was able to visit this blog and asked me if I can write a hard hitting entries intended for the non-performing Embassy and POLO officials in the Kingdom.


He informed me of many untold stories, few of it are too personal and not work related which in my part are all allegations. I said allegations because I write based on facts rather than just rumors. I am not on the defense of our government officials at the POLO/OWWA and Philippine Embassy, though I just want to make sure that what I am going to write are based on what is the truth. He even told me personal disturbing stories about fellow community leaders in the Kingdom particularly in Riyadh. It seems that he knows everything from dot to dash.  


I advised him to provide me credible information and documentation of formal complaints before my keyboard starts to work.


Because of that call by next month I will be having a new blog (WordPress), titled “H-U-H” (Hit-U-Hard) for that purpose. All entries ( National issues and local issues ) in this blog will be a hard-hitting one based on facts so that Filipino Expats in the Kingdom may know. “H-U-H” WATCH for It!


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