Not losing hope

I am sad reading the breaking news at a few minutes ago announcing the disqualification of Kuya Ted candidacy.


KUYA TED” in your Ballot


Last week we (KAKAMPI – Kalipunang Kaakabay ng Mangagawang Pilipino sa Ibayong Dagat) endorsed his candidacy and ask support from the Filipino community in the Kingdom to include him in the Magic 12.


I’ve learned that today 3 March, Kuya Ted will arrive in Manila from U.S.A. to start his nationwide campaign and face the challenge on the disqualification issue as a nuisance senatorial candidate in the May midterm election. We also knew that he will be at Comelec on March 6  to formally answer the said issue. But online news just inform the public that he was already disqualified by Comelec prior to the mentioned date.


As long as Kuya Ted is not giving up and no official statement from him backing out the race, we’re not losing hope, the fight must go on and we pray for the best.


On the other hand, the other 3 candidates that our group endorsed under the Ang Kapatiran Party was among the 37 approved senatorial candidates.


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