Final – FHW Policy

GMA's Super Maids

GMA's Super Maids

It seems to me that DOLE will stick to its final decision and does not allow pressures from recruitment agencies and demands of few Filipina household workers to reverse, amend or scrap the new Filipina Household Workers policy.

Let me just clarify that our stand on this issue in favor of the new policy was based from the sad stories of our Filipina household help from the hands of their employers particularly in the Middle Eastern countries.

Our stand was properly explained by Ka Ambo’s latest blog entry “Battle for the Housekeepers”.

There are many contributing factor of maltreatment and abuse; that includes hiring of teenage housemaids knowing nothing about household chores. Deployment of those inexperienced household helps was in connivance of corrupt government officials and recruitment agencies whose only thing in mind is money in exchange for the suffering of our less fortunate Filipina maids.

Gladly, with the new guidelines, United Arab Emirates introduced a standard contract for domestic workers and their employers, including salaries, holidays and working conditions by April 1 of this year in line with the said policy. Not surprising that other Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia will follow soon.


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