OFWC-Ruh Special Meeting

Dear Colleagues in the OF/OFW community,


Due to unavoidable circumstances as mentioned by OFW Congress-Riyadh President Mr. Alex Bello, the meeting this coming Friday is cancelled and move to March 30, 2007.  The venue will be announced later.


We apologized for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


For further clarification purposes,  we would like to take this opportunity  to  inform you-all  that the purpose of the meeting is to define the role of the OFW Congress-Riyadh in the coming April 14 to May 14 National Midterm election. Agenda includes overseeing the orderly and honest conduct of the OAV election process.


Likewise in the said meeting, we will be presenting to the 35 strong participating Filcom organizations of OFWC-RUH and other invited groups the profiles of all Senatorial bets (Team Unity/ GO/Other Parties/Independent candidates).   


Be noted that OFWC will not endorse any candidates in the coming election.


The said meeting will focus on the evaluation of all candidates platform of office and their respective stand on important issues including OFW concerns. We will also identify those candidates who advocates for the welfare and the betterment of Overseas Filipinos/OFWs. 


For those seeking re-election so with other former lawmakers vying for a seat in the Senate, OFWC will identify their previous achievements through laws they authored or co-authored that was enacted into law including pending bills they sponsored beneficial to all Filipinos. 


Voter/s education is part of OFW Congress-Riyadh on-going program to educate absentee voters about platforms, issues and candidates that deserves our votes. 


For your information.


Manuel “Bong” Amora

OFW Congress-Riyadh

Secretary General


“The spirit of change can only be achieved if the people participate in an honest to goodness election. It is for us to choose the future we are creating today. Vote wisely.” – B.A.


Letter from OFW Congress-Ruh President


REGRETS to inform that due to changed of time  at Al-Taj School Graduation exercise at the same day (Friday 23-03-2007), our meeting will be move to next Friday 30th of  March 2007 the venue to be announce later.

Thank you for your understanding.


Alex Veloso Bello


The OFW Congress-Riyadh will be having a Special (breakfast) Meeting at Al Taj International School, Riyadh this coming 23 March (Friday), 8:30 AM. We are expecting the attendance of the 35 “Executive Council Members” or participating member Filipino community organizations in Riyadh.


Agenda of the meeting includes “the role of the OFW Congress-Riyadh in the coming 2nd OAV exercise on April 14, 2007“.



I was the one given the task to make a presentation in PowerPoint, the profile of all Senatorial bets in the coming Philippine National Midterm Election. 


In the said meeting we will identify who among the candidates are actively involved or during their term of office made an important contributions for the betterment of OFWs particularly those leaders who advocates the rights and welfare of  Filipinos Overseas.


Acceptance of new participating member organizations is likewise be presented to the present 35 strong members of OFWC-RUH.


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