Philippine Embassy Advisory



19 March 2007




The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh wishes to announce that the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines will conduct the Foreign Service Officer (FSO) Qualifying Test to be given simultaneously on 06 May 2007 in the Philippines and at the Philippine Embassies in Washington DC and Vienna and in Philippine Consulate General in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


The Qualifying Test covers (1) English grammar and correct usage-40%; (2) reading comprehension-20%; (3) logical reasoning-15%; (4) quantitative reasoning/data interpretation-10%; and (5) leadership/knowledge of management concepts-15%. Only those who passed the FSO qualifying test with a rating of at least 80% will be allowed to take the FSO Written Examination.


Venues of testing centers for Part I, Qualifying Test, as follows:


* For North and South America- Embassy of the Philippines, Washington, D.C.

* For Asia and the Middle East- Philippine Consulate General, Dubai, U.A.

* For Europe – Embassy of the Philippines, Vienna, Austria


Furthermore, all applicants must be Filipino citizens and must be less than thirty-five (35) years of age on 31 December 2007. If married to a foreigner, the applicant must obtain prior authorization from the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines, through the Board of Foreign Service Examinations of the Department of Foreign Affairs, to take the examination. Prospective applicants must present transcript of records and diploma, or certificate of graduation from a four (4) year bachelor’s degree course or its equivalent in a college or university of   recognized standing.


Application form and other related information can be downloaded from the DFA website ( or can be obtained from the Philippine Embassy or request the same via fax. Interested parties may contact Philippine Embassy at telephone numbers: 482-3559/482-1802 extension 2127, or fax number 488-3945 and the Philippine Consulate General in Jeddah at telephone numbers:   02-667-0925/660-0348. Deadline for submission of applications is 20 April 2007.


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