Time to Browse

Thursday in KSA is a relaxing day that give me time to browse my favorite blogs in my link.


Here are some that I found interesting:


Philippine without border is telling us, Filipino voters how important is the May Midterm election. If we make a mess out of it, then it would be doubly hard to recover the respect gain as a result of our initial success in global outsourcing and electronics exports.


Entrepinoys as usual is my favorite blog not because the owner is an OFW who is also based here in Riyadh but a nice entry like “estimated investment requirements to start Internet rental business” is commendable to read.


In politics, nasipit to anywhere give me an exact scene of what is happening in our hometown local politics. A Mayoralty fight between a pure Nasipitnon and an outsider belong to a powerful political clan (Plaza) in our province. May the best public servant win.


Lastly,  Ranie Ashe an OFW in Israel in his latest entry  “Good Luck to all”  is worth reading.


Have a happy weekend fellow OFWs in KSA.    



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