Don’t blame POEA New FDH Policy

Online news : RP envoy in Bahrain warns vs illegal recruitment of maids


My Reaction: Illegal recruitment of maids should not be blamed on the POEA new household policy. We all knew that illegal recruitment even in the absence of such policy is there already many long years ago.


Maids and beauticians in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries entered legally with the help of licensed recruitment agencies in connivance with other government agencies that issued faked documentations to alter their true age and even identities.


This legal entry but illegally acquired documents will later on surfaces when the maids are rape and abused. Raped because of young age, presko at mabango. Abused because the young maids don’t know how to work using modern cleaning device, worst even don’t know nothing about simple household task.


These are the facts and as long as our domestic economy can’t create more jobs and pay decent and living wages for Filipinos, working abroad by hook or by crook will be an option. And after suffering the consequences, we cried and blame our government for the burden that we personally created. 


These activities proliferate because people provide a market for them ignoring all government effort to warn people not to deal with this kind of illegal activities. We should encourage our citizens not to ignore our laws and policies.


The Government on the other hand particularly the agencies or institutions overseeing to protect the migrant sectors should implement laws and policies effectively with iron hand to curb irregular migration.


Likewise our citizenry should guard and report incidents detrimental to the protection of migrant workers rights in the country of their destination, where laws and policies is not governed by any bilateral agreements that addresses illegal migration-related problems. 


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