On his way to serve

February 17, 2006 a small barangay in St. Bernard town of Southern, Leyte named Guinsaugon was buried with mudslide. The tragedy that claimed hundreds of lives, young and old shock the nation and the entire world.

In KSA, an urgent call for monetary and relief goods made a significant contributions for the survivors of the said tragedy.      

Sir Fredo Pamaos & Sen. Chiz Escudero

Sir Fredo Pamaos & Sen. Chiz Escudero

Today, a political neophyte is running for mayor in the town of St. Bernard to help building back the ruins brought by the mentioned catastrophe.

 A schoolteacher for 9 years, before spending the next 31 years as DILG Assistant Provincial Director, independent mayoralty candidate Mr. Fredo Pamaos with his platform of governance is on his way to serve the people of St. Bernard more particularly in Guinsaugon.

 Sir Fredo Pamaos is a graduate of Agricultural Education and Masters in Public Administration. Armed with the above experienced in public service is quite enough a good qualification that the voters of St. Bernard must consider when casting their votes.


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