I’m proud of you Anak!

Year of 1996, it was a month vacation in Philippines when I got married in a civil wedding. After I finished my contract in Jeddah, KSA I decided to go home for good and married my wife in Church.  


Without savings as an OFW for 4 years I found myself again at the doorsteps of recruitment agencies in Makati and Manila.


Year 1998, a precious treasure came into our life – my only daughter “Angel“.  It was the same year that I decided to work back again in KSA; Angel then was 4 months old.


Can’t afford to rent an apartment in early days of my married life, a good friend of my wife and her former workmate in Japan provided us place to stay in San Pedro Laguna. Trying to make both ends met when my wife got pregnant with Angel, I worked as a clerk and construction worker in various local construction companies in Manila while waiting for my employment back abroad.


Today, almost 9 years am still here as an OFW away from my loved ones. Those past years were very trying times; in my absence my family had been a wanderer from place to place, from Laguna to Cavite, then to Agusan Del Norte, to Mandaue and now at last in Lapu Lapu City.


Thanks to PAGIBIG Fund Overseas Program for OFWs and OWWA loan facilities, without the said Government institutions I may not be able to provide them a descent house – a house called home for my family.


By July, Angel will be 9 years old, it is just a blink of an eye and knowing from my wife that Angel is 2nd Honor in their class  (Science Technology Education Center) is enough wonderful news to an OFW father like me.


I may not be able to convey the exact feeling to you in person but in words “I’m proud of you Anak” from the bottom of my heart.   


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