Online Magazine for Filipinos Worldwide, etc.

Just found an interesting online magazine today. Excerpt of an article I read hereinbelow:

Textbooks say that the Philippines is composed of 7,100 islands. The truth is, no one knows exactly how many there are at any given point, it depends on the tide. So it is with Philippine culture. There are so many different influences that come into the mix that a homogenous culture is hard to define and I am not going to even attempt to do so. Instead, what I will do in the next 10 minutes or so is give you a quick psychographic handle on the culture by speaking on the top 4 influences on our culture and some marketing dos and don’ts. To do so I am going to have to make some sweeping generalizations to which there are many many exemptions, so please keep that in mind. I will end by teaching you two tricks to find out if someone is Filipino and to actually pass for one yourselves.

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Filipino Electrical Practitioners should take a look at my brother DOODS new blog entry. Prologue  provided below:


In one afternoon of July 1999, four explosions in succession were heard over the whole plant area, the last of which was the loudest. One of the four XLPE 500 MCM phase “X1” (Phase “A”) main secondary conductors of the 5 MVA, 69KV/4.16KV Substation “B” developed an single-line-to-ground fault with the steel structure supporting the cables & the AVR by-pass switch. All the four events of faults did not trip the 69 KV SF6 primary circuit breaker that could have isolated the fault. The fourth fault eventually melted & cut-off the faulted cable while cutting a portion of the 8″ steel channel member of the structure.


Interested?  Click CESEEPS to view the series of entries under “A PROLOGUE TO FAULT CALCULATIONS“.


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