OFW Sarah Jane Dematera

demateraI cast my vote last Friday at our Philippine Embassy in Riyadh and after casting my vote I roamed around to observed the OAV electoral process as part of our campaign “Ang Boto mo ay  Mahalaga, Bantayan Mo”.

When I went to the basement area I caught my attention of a donation box on the way going to the Precincts.

Brief info about the case re: Sarah Jane Dematera.

Sarah Jane Dematera

Sarah Jane Dematera

Sarah Jane Dematera was 19 years old when she arrived in Saudi Arabia in November 1992 from the Philippines to work as a domestic helper. Four days later she was arrested for the murder of her female employer. She was sentenced to death by a court judgment issued on 14 November 1993.

After 15 years in jail on the basis of the forgiveness executed by the husband of the victim, Sarah now at 34 years of age with your kind hearted help will be out in jail very soon.

Contact our Department of Foreign Affairs or the Consulate/Embassy in your area for your donation.


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