PhilEmb reaches out to 68 companies

Press Release No.APV-21/2007

22 April 2007


Philippine Embassy reaches out to 68 companies

to increase voter turnout


22 April 2007 – The Philippine Embassy today reported that as part of its efforts to increase voter turnout, it has written to 68 companies in the Riyadh area and Eastern Province to request these establishments to allow their registered Filipino workers to cast their votes in the Embassy and the International Philippine School in Al-Khobar.


Ambassador Antonio P. Villamor said that the Embassy began communicating with companies which employ substantial number of Filipinos, even before the start of the overseas absentee voting on April 14. “Two weeks prior to the start of the voting, we have written to medical institutions in Riyadh to inform them of the conduct of the elections for senators and party-list representatives. We asked these institutions to allow their Filipino employees to vote and to provide them adequate transportation,” said Ambassador Villamor. He added that the Embassy continues to receive and respond to requests from Filipino community leaders and individuals to send official letters to their employers regarding the elections.


During the first week of voting, 1,403 voters cast their ballots in the Embassy while 652 voted in Al-Khobar and 808 in Jeddah. Ambassador Villamor expressed optimism that the turn-out rate will increase in the remaining three weeks of voting once the workers of the 68 companies start trooping to the voting centers.


Ambassador Villamor said “there is a saying that decisions are made by those who show up, so I urge every registered Filipino voter to come out and vote and let your voices be heard.”


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