Hangyo lang! Mr. Secretary

News item reported in the Daily Tribune dated today 04/24/07 that DOJ Chief Raul Gonzalez buys vote of Barangay heads of Iloilo, his bailiwick. The report said, he even admitted it in a radio station interview that he offered P10,000 to Barangay Captains in exchange for Team Unity sweep in the area.


HUH! I don’t really like this guy from the beginning he assumed the office as Secretary of Justice. I knew too that he was given the portfolio “bayad sa utang na loob” on his participation in the impeachment against former Pres. Erap and everybody knew that! “Bulag na ang pinoy pag hindi ito nakikita”


Every time I saw him on TV, I always ignore him and changed channel; I have to admit nakakainis tingnan “lalo na pag pipikit pikit ang mata”. I also observed that he always pre-judged or announced in media a possible outcome of a certain case, which is very wrong for a Secretary of Justice to do so. I also noticed of many books and papers in his table, “paano maka pag concentrate ang isang Kalihim ng Hustisya sa ganitong environment”. When I was working in a law office, I always made sure that my lawyer boss surroundings are clean and pleasing to his clients. I even visited former Justice Secretary Silvestre “Bebot” Bello III at DOJ where everything was in order in his office.


He even says that nothing is wrong with his offer since he is using his own money, Oh! My Gosh! Mr. Secretary, “konting delicadeza naman, HANGYO LANG”.


Vote buying is the number one problem in our country during election. Galit ako sa mga bumibili at nagpapabili ng boto!         


Malapit na akong umuwi, baka e-hold mo ako sa airport ha! Just pouring out some emotions that clogged deep within me.


Sorry!  Philippines is a free country I have the right to say what I want to say that what I feel is right. Anyway, don’t get offended, I am an ordinary OFW I can’t harm you.


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