An Open Letter of Appeal to Absentee Voters


An Open Letter of Appeal to Absentee Voters

We all know that during elections, like the one we are having this year, is the best and only time that we can make our voice as citizens be heard. It was also in cognizance of this right that for years we fought it out with Congress that we, Overseas Filipinos, be given that right. In 2003 that right was given to us with the passage of the Overseas Absentee Voting Act of 2003. We first exercised our rights under that law during the national elections in 2004.

This year, starting from April 14 to May 14, we are again given the right to let our voices be heard. We are given the right to say, “Tama na, sobra na” to those whom we believe have not been true to their sworn responsibilities as our representatives; and to those whom we perceive are not supportive to the cause of Overseas Filipinos. And we are also given the right to say, “Ikaw nga, o kayo nga, ang tunay naming kapuso at kapamilya!”

But ten days through the one month voting period given to us, reports have it on how low the voters turn out has been. There are those who say, even among our embassy officials, that the numbers will improve on the last few days of the voting period.

We in the OFW Congress here in Riyadh, KSA believe that each of us has an obligation to remind our friends, our co-workers, our fellow Overseas Filipinos, even our relatives back home not to put their chance to be heard to waste by failing to cast their vote. Sabi nga sa TV advertisement: “Sa isang boto ng bawat isa sa atin magsisimula ang pagbabago.” Let’s all Go Out and Vote!

Thank you so much for your time and cooperation in making this year’s Overseas Absentee Voting a successful one. God Bless us and our country.

From: Overseas Filipino Workers Congress-Riyadh



One thought on “An Open Letter of Appeal to Absentee Voters

  1. yun nga po ang hirap sa atin e, it was during this time that OFW can express themselves to elect the ONE or so called leader of our nation. This time they are granted the right to vote and elect officials that would lead this so caled PHILIPPINES. dati they are screeming na bigyan sila ng karapatan na MAD DECIDE or i INVOLVE sila sa election process. nung ibinigay sa kanila angv pagkakataon – ano po ang go.inawa nila. excuses such as wla sila time, mayron silang ginagawa,m pero the hell, given 1 mointh to cast their vote, di man lang nila binigyan ng pagkakataon or TIME na maging kasali sila sa kasysayan na MAGHALAL ng mga opisyal ng gobyerno. Masakit isispin pero i’m not against them, pero the thinking na wala naman daw mangyayari kahit sino ang maNalo. MERON PO , KASI EVERY VOTE COUNTS. sa tin ang SIMULA, may MAGAGAWA tayo. saboi nga ngf iba. sana naman po inisip nila na yung hinihinga nila na karapatan ay ibinigay na sa kanila, pero sinayang nuila at di sila naging bahagi ng kasaysayan na pumili ng mga LIDEQR na alam nila na mamumuno sa atin bansang sinilNGan.

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