Sana Hindi Sayang

OAV Update: 04 May 2007 (Friday)

We arrived 11:00 AM at Philippine Embassy yesterday 04 May 2007. By that time we missed hospital coasters and company buses from Industrial Areas carrying Filipino employees who were there early to cast their votes. 


"Go Out and Vote"


At the parking lot I spotted a car with our poster on it. We take a photo shot as  remembrance of our “Go Out and Vote” campaign.  

According to a community leader we happened to chat inside the Embassy, observed that the 3rd Friday was quite big in numbers compared to the last 2 Fridays, though he added that the number of voters could not even surpass half of the total voters who came in the 3rd Friday of the last 2004 OAV.  

As usual we roamed around to observed the general outcome of the election and met some community leaders in the canteen. While dining, mixed reaction and observations were heard, such as the absence of the Filipino community organizations at the Embassy grounds. I recall that in 2004 election, various Filipino communities were rolled into one as volunteers where the spirit of camaraderie and unity was among its objective as part of the effort to encouraged their respective members to go out and vote.

The BLogger with H.E. Ambassador Antonio Villamor

The BLogger with H.E. Ambassador Antonio Villamor


Others commented that our embassy particularly the members of OAV committee in-charge in 2007 national midterm election did not exert a moved to let the community get involve in the process.

At precinct 1 (Chancery), we were able to take a photo of Ambassador Antonio Villamor at the Medical Mission desk. I

His Excellency Ambassador Antonio Villamor at Medical Mission Desk

His Excellency Ambassador Antonio Villamor at Medical Mission Desk

had also the chance to discuss with the good Ambassador the full details of the story behind the death of OFW Rosita Crisologo (OFW Rosita Crisologo was a domestic helper and a cancer patient who died last week at Bahay Kanlungan in Jeddah).

While resting at the stairs going to Chancery, I met some old friends; one of them was Mr. Ronie Abeto, an ICOFvr and E-Lagda member whom I knew were among very vocal together with the late Dr. Alfred J. Ganapin in the struggle for the passage of the OAV Bill.  For many long years of not seeing each other we were able to talk again, this time not about the passage of the OAV law but on how to safeguard the sanctity of our ballots. My friend Ronie is currently a member of NAMFREL. When we parted ways, I can’t help thinking – Is our fight for the passage of OAV law worthy enough in this year’s turn out of voters? Then I heard my own whisper “Sana hindi masayang ang ating matagal na ipinaglaban“.


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