OFW Warrior now CDA in Lebanon

Former Philippine Embassy in Riyadh Consul General, Minister Counselor and Charge De Affaires Mariano Dumia is now acting Charge De Affaires of our Philippine Embassy in Lebanon. Prior to his posting in Lebanon, he was the Executive Director of Migrant Workers Affairs at the DFA.


CDA Mariano Dumia a devoted down to earth OFW servant, a personal friend and a good friend to the Filipino community in Riyadh is a career diplomat and served the Overseas Filipino Community since the early 90s. He started serving OFWs as First Secretary and rose to higher rank.  His round of posting includes Oman, Sydney and Iran.


As a former head at the Philippine Embassy-Riyadh, Assistance to National Section (ANS) earned him as an “OFW Warrior” for the plight of our distressed OFWs. One of his achievements was the handling of big and sensitive issues such as the case of just recently released Sarah Dematera.  Side by side with former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and now DFA Under Secretary Rafael Seguis, together they worked hard negotiating with the Saudi authorities to stay or hold the execution of Domestic Helper Sarah Dematera till she got her freedom.


The Filipino community organizations in Riyadh even requested the DFA-Manila for the extension of his service when he was about to end his tour of duty in 2005.  


Now, the good Minister Dumia is currently the head of mission in Lebanon pending official appointment for a new Ambassador in that country.  With his new post, we are assured that the plight of our OFWs in Lebanon is “being well taken care of”.   


The Filipino Community and the OFW Congress in Riyadh, wishing you-SIR the best of health and God will always bless a God fearing diplomat and an “OFW Warrior“.  


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