My Blogger of the Week

Time to surf my favorite links and here it goes….  


A) If I was one of the judges during the search for Philippine Blog Awards, I will definitely choose OFWLAYF Blog (if nominated)  for the Best OFW Blog Award. See for yourself entries like “Investing your savings in a sari sari store” and “ATM, Automatic Tubig Machine“. OFWs nowadays are searching for useful blogs that may provide us information for entrepreneurship endeavors when we decide to reintegrate into the mainstream of Philippine society. 


B) Because I came from the beautiful island of Mindanao, I include “Mindanao Blog” or “Photos in Mindanao” as one of my links. The author of the Mindanao Blog, Mr. Bob Martin an American who loves our country more than we do. I found his blog very informative especially to tourists who want to know about Mindanao before visiting the island. The blog not only focuses the great photos of the places the author visited but he made stories out of it.  One of his entries “Biliran-Paradise Undiscovered” gives me a hint why I should visit the province of my wife who is a Leytena. Since I got married with my wife in Manila and transferred to Cebu, I never have been in “Biliran” her place of birth.


Bob says in his “about me” profile the following:


Yes, I am an American, but I have been coming to Mindanao regularly since 1990. In addition, I have lived permanently in Mindanao since early 2000, and I love it here. The thing that I hear all the time when I tell people that I live in Mindanao is that I must be scared because it is so dangerous here. Actually, that is really far from the truth. Yes, there are places in Mindanao that are quite dangerous, but the majority of the island is safe. Is it perfectly safe? No, I know of no place on the earth that is perfectly safe, do you? I have lived here for a number of years now, and I have never felt that I was in danger yet. I do try to use common sense in my daily comings and goings, though. I suppose that in these days of uncertainty that would be a sensible thing to do no matter where you live.


Mabuhay ka Bob!


C) In Techno world, my favorite link is “Technobiography”, because maybe the blog is having simple web/blog design and the blogger explained his entries in a way an ordinary English language reader like me easily understand.


One of his entry caught my attention is “Facebook, Friendster and Philippine Traffic“. Knowing that Friendster is a widely used web social networking in the Philippines.


I am a Friendster user before but I deleted it due to some individuals who creep around my account and leave unsolicited messages in my mailbox. Maybe I will activate a new social networking account and try Facebook this time.


Have a happy weekend!


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