4 People who will answer this tag

Four People who will answer this tag


Here are the Best Four in My Life:



1) Disc Jockey in a sing-a-long joint in Makati
2) Para Legal Officer in a Law Office/Firm in Makati
3) Sales Coordinator in Jeddah, KSA
4) Present Job: Administrative Officer

Favorite Local Place:

1) Nasipit Agusan Del Norte-My Hometown
2) Anda, Bohol-My Ancestral town
3) Baguio City
4) Cebu City particularly my residential place Lapu Lapu City

Favorite Foods: S-hoot T-o K-ill & Law-oy

1) S for Sinugba (Yobabs)
2) T for Tinola (Manok)
3) K for Kinilaw (Panit)
4) Law-oy (hope you know what is Law-oy)

Favorite Int’l Place:

1)Saudi Arabia-no traffic
2)San Diego, California, U.S.A. – never been there but my sis told me its a great place, someday i’ll knock on her door.
3)Singapore-never been there but they said it’s a clean country, no pollution, no basura, etc. Hope to be there next year.
4)Hong Kong- Been there once at the airport.

4 People who will answer this tag


My favorite bloggers:

1) Entrepinoys
2) A blogger politician 
3) A lawyer and a blogger-my townmate
4) A lawyer and a blogger-My favorite Blawger


OK…The rule of this meme is simple, just give your 1,2,3, 4’s in life like what I’ve done above or you may add a description whatever you want. The last category which is the “four people who will answer this tag” as the category implies must create a post and list up their 4’s in life.


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