The Basics

I will be the Master of Ceremony in the 9th Founding Annivesary of Black Python Martial Arts Association, Inc., (BPMA) here in Riyadh tomorrow 25 May 2007. Here is my piece:

The Basics

Good Morning everyone! I would like to acknowledged the presence of the executive council members as well participating member organizations of the Overseas Filipino Workers Congress-Riyadh and to National Chairman of United OFW, Engr. Frank Naval. In behalf of the general membership of BPMA; Thanks for coming.

Maybe, you will ask why I open this program? na dapat this should be delivered by Sec. Gen. Ibrahim Banacia and Founder/Grandmaster Bhoy Macion? Others may ask, why Bong is delivering a speech? Not exactly, because I will give that to our honored guest Mr. Alex Bello later and to the BPMA officers I mentioned, to properly open the program.

My answer to the question is, I am just doing my job as the Master of Ceremony for the 9th Founding Anniversary of BPMA and the Induction of 2007 Executive Officers and its Board of Trustees. Sorry KYUDS and Guests, I even give title to this piece, I called it “The Basics“.

When Kyud Faisal asked me if I can be the MC for todays affair, I did not declined because BPMA is not just an ordinary colleague in the Filipino Community but personally BPMA is dearest to my heart.

BPMA had shared a lot of community service not only to the Filipino community, not only at our Embassy but also to KAKAMPI, our organization in the Industrial Area whom yours truly is the founder. I don’t even remember BPMA decline if we needed you most. I first met the leadership of BPMA during the 2004 OAV where all of you were there as volunteer marshals for the orderly and peaceful conduct of the last 2004 electoral process. All of you were also there when our friend the late Dr. Alfred Ganapin needs your blood (donation) in an attempt to save his life. I know our friend Dr. Alfred was very thankful for the kind gesture you have done to him in the last days, hours and minute of his life.


That’s the basic or shall we say the initial background why I am here before you and why I respect you-all. Now back to The Basics….

Maybe now – you will be asking why I am talking about martial arts? My answer; first this is a founding anniversary of a Martial Arts Association and secondly, kahit papaano during my elementary days I am a “Yellow Belter” in a Karate Club of my brother named “Libra Brotherhood Karate Club” kaya kahit papaano mayron konting alam in the basics of Martial Arts.

Martial Arts club or association would inevitably start with the students and students start with the basics, the rest, however, would soon progress on to long, complex combinations of a dozen techniques or more. Considerable time would be spent explaining the sequence of movement, and after perhaps several practice attempts, the barrage of techniques would be performed at “full speed and power”. Speed, spirit and aggression, as what martial arts experts says.

The master or coach is telling the students that it doesn’t matter whether their technique is good or bad, only that everything must be performed with the correct attitude, by which he means with spirit and aggression. I agree that these things are extremely important. Eventually, these natural basic teaching provide the foundation upon which everything else is built.

The constant reference to basics can be somewhat misleading. The word basic implies simplistic, easy, or elementary, it is also mean primary, initial or first, all of them are the very opposite of advanced or complex.

According to my brother in his message to his fellow Professional Electrical Engineers, in which we could apply to a Karate competition, he said “It is best to prepare and anticipate. But preparedness does not mean that we allow ourselves to lose track of the basics. It is the bedrock foundation of our competence. Once the basics are forgotten, the foundation will be weakened and the structure might crumble”. (by: Doods Amora


It is just like the famous pinoy quote: “Ang hindi lumingon sa pinangalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan“.

In other words, don’t let the advance or complex method of fighting (martial arts) get the better of you. Do not belittle the Basics because you will experience later that the basics after all will make someone a Grandmaster. You will therefore do your share in training others. It will be something of an achievement and a work in a lifetime.

“So why do you do karate, and what do you hope to achieve?” is a question I’m often asked. The first part is difficult to answer, but the latter part easy: all the top grandmasters like Kyud Bhoy, I too would like to be seen as someone who was beginning to “get the basics under his belt”. Magparehistro ako mamaya and will be officially addressed as “Kyud”.

Now Back to the Basic or the First part of our program is the Philippine National Anthem…

To be rendered by: Kyud Audrey De Los Santos ___________.

You are kindly requested to stand para sa pagpugay sa bandila ng ating mahal na Bansang Pilipinas.


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